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Hypertension is also known as High Blood Pressure. It is the second leading cause of ESRD and it is commonly known as a chronic medical condition. The high pressure can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys and eventually reduces the kidneys function. 


The Hypertension center at The Nephrology Group received certification of comprehensive hypertension center from the American Heart Association. The hypertension center practices guideline based management of anti-hypertensive therapy in adults and to reduce the cardiovascular, cerebral, and renal morbidity and mortality. The therapy is patient specific, and encompasses life style changes and interventions. The goal is to develop a therapeutic, and non-therapeutic regimen, assess barriers in achieving goal blood pressure, and intervene as necessary to minimize and/or prevent HTN related complications.


Patients with treatment resistant hypertension often have identifiable causes, which require coordinated care for diagnosis and therapy. This multidisciplinary center serves to integrate the referral system for better diagnosis and management and to institute protocols to provide uniform recommendations to referring physicians.


The protocols at the center includes screening and management of for secondary hypertension, hypertension management for specific comorbidities, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, Automated oscillometer blood pressure protocol, Captopril and Losartan suppression test protocol, selection and maintenance of the blood pressure monitoring equipment.

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