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Anemia Management Clinic
Anemia is a condition in which a patient is deficient in red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood. Patients with CKD are often impaired with Anemia, which increases gradually as the GFR declines. When the Anemia is related to Kidney function, it is called Renal Anemia. Anemia lowers the ability of blood to carry oxygen, and the patient will slowly develop symptoms as it progresses. Much of these symptoms include, feeling tired, shortness of breath, poor performance during exercise, confusion, lightheaded, and an abnormal desire to drink fluids. If Anemia persists and becomes severe, the patient will become noticeably pale. 


The Nephrology Group offers a comprehensive Anemia Management Clinic where we evaluate your condition and assess the need of Erythropoietin which will help to stimulate your kidneys to make more red blood cells. This is monitored under the guidance of the physician on the protocol basis.

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